Solid wood flooring renovation considerations

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by qizhen0809 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:58 pm

<P>1, solid wood composite parquet block color if not soaked color but the surface coloring, or the color of the veneer is relatively thin, after grinding will destroy its parquet effect,непрозрачные акриловые панели it is recommended not to refurbish.</P>
<P>2, if the floor can not be refurbished, because the surface of a layer of aluminum oxide wear layer, refurbished will damage its wear layer,wpc забор в Италии exacerbated the aging of the floor. Side moist, immersed in the floor after the moldy discoloration, plate damp after the uplift, serious damage to the floor can not achieve a new effect.</P>
<P>3, in order to ensure the quality of the renovation of the floor, it is best to please more professional renovation company or cleaning company responsible for the project,подвижные зимние стеновые панели для крыльца conditional, then, please supervise the construction of professional supervision.</P>
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