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<p>clean, wear-resistant acid, flame-resistant and impermeable, and does not emit any harmful gas. Zhang Yang may also contain Han Wen Ya, to meet the needs of different levels of consumers. [Reporter]: We know that the Asian wood industry involved in the field is very much, as a large category of home improvement category 'wooden </p>
<p>door' is a piece of cake, Asian wood in the 'wooden door' on what kind of achievements? [Asian Wood Robert Frazer]: As the leader of the China wood-based panel industry - Kyrgyzstan wood industry shoulder the responsibility of the national health and environmental protection sheet production, responsibility and obligation to </p>
<p>promote the development of China's door industry play an important role The The future door industry must be 'brand' wins the world market, therefore, Kyrgyzstan as the wood industry, 'ten years' or 'two decades', whether it is 'now' or 'future' will be consumers trustworthy 'Brand', we will take 'to provide customers with high quality health </p>
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