Solid wood flooring cleaning and maintenance

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<P>Solid wood flooring sub-oil finishes flooring and lacquered finishes. The surface of the oil is a natural wood surface, stable and durable, but long-term use, the floor surface by a slight cut rub and damage is inevitable. When this problem occurs, it is recommended to use special care essential oil for wiping, if the damage is more serious,wpc решетчатые панели ограждения на кипре you can carry out the renovation of the floor, through the professional equipment to remove the floor layer of thin, and then use natural pure vegetable oil for conservation, Floor to restore youth looks.</P>
<P>For wipes the floor to clean the daily use of wring dry cotton mop can be wiped. In case of stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and wipe with a wringed cotton mop. Do not use any organic solvents such as acid,bukit jaya plastic home industri alkaline solvents or gasoline.</P>
<P>In order to maintain the beauty of the floor and extend the paint life, the use of special thickening paint oil. It is recommended to take care once a year, after use can effectively enhance the paint texture,2 x 6 язычков и пазов can effectively prevent hard objects wear and scratch the floor, and can extend the life of the floor.</P>
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