expansion and contraction for the smallest of all wood

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<p>different styles. 3, the oil content is high, the longer the longer the more smooth: teak furniture surface is very delicate and smooth, to protect the furniture glossy, make it bright and lasting. 4, the shrinkage rate is small, it is not easy to leak, expansion and contraction for the smallest of all wood. 5, the longer the use of the color will be more golden: its surface color is through the photosynthesis oxidation made of golden yellow, the color is more beautiful with the </p>
<p>extension of time. Second, Wujin wood What are the advantages 1, Wujin wood furniture is the biggest advantage of natural wonderful texture, in the natural wood of Wujin wood, gold and black curves are intertwined, vividly, not only eye-catching, and very mobile vision sense. 2, Wujin wood furniture as if containing metal texture, which is mainly because the growth of Ukrainian wood in a special environment, the general production of Wujin wood in a rich </p>
<p>mineral resources, due to long-term in the mineral to absorb nutrients and water, so naturally Contains metallic texture. 3, Wujin wood furniture than other materials of solid wood furniture is much heavier, it is because the black wood wood structure is very good, high density, high hardness, its structure and mahogany in the chicken wing wood, in its structure in the tube hole fine And the depth of wood grain and white, so much more than other wood to sink, and full </p>
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