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<p>Wind at first glance home experience museum where the future will go? 'Horizontal multi-brand business, the extension of vertical services, will become the experience of the museum model in the next few years,' Hua Yan Li Beijing Branch of the Prime Minister manager Gao Xuefeng introduction, in Beijing, such a market, The role of the </p>
<p>quality of the change is taking place in February this year, opened in Hebei Zhangjiakou City Museum to break the boundaries of a single brand to absorb, including tiles, sanitary ware, cabinets, lamps, including more than 30 brands, The original simple sale of products evolved to provide design and construction services. 'Perfect service </p>
<p>function, is the vitality of the future experience of the museum.' Dongpeng ceramic distributor in Beijing Yang Fenghua that the construction of a museum is not difficult, the difficulty is how the latter part of their own operations, not the cost attached to the consumer. Experience the core of the museum is not 'big and complete', but to help </p>
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