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<p>the three standards to fill the province of wood-plastic material installation technical specifications of the blank, to promote the province's wood-plastic industry,<a href=''>how to install cushioned vinyl flooring</a> sustainable development and environmental protection and energy conservation of new materials to promote the application of great significance. Wood-plastic composite materials as a recyclable environmentally friendly new materials,bcutting back bench leaning on the everlasting with wood does not have some of the excellent performance. Dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, resistance to insects, anti-aging, and recyclable. August 27 to 28 by the National Timber Standardization Technical Committee, the Institute of Wood </p>
<p>Industry, China Forestry Society Wood Industry Branch of the Wood Protection Research Association co-sponsored by the Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd.<a href=''>cost of synthetic teak decking</a> different wood and the National Timber Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat, Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group and the Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Forestry Science Research Institute co-organized the 'wood protection industry research cum'affordable deck coverings for garden outdoor anti-corrosion wood floor 'national standard start meeting' held in Shanghai, from the national research institutes, universities, enterprises and quality inspection 18 units, More than 40 delegates attended the </p>
<p>meeting. Director of Wood Protection Office Jiang Mingliang researcher on the 'waterborne wood preservative analysis method GB / T23229-2009' national standards and 'anti-corrosion timber product identification LY / T1925-2010'<a href=''>plastic pedestals for tiles dubai</a> forestry industry standards were introduced; 'wood preservatives' , 'Anti-corrosion timber use classification and requirements' and other national standards for the progress of the report.decking wood for sale cape town 'The use of anti-corrosion wood flooring' (anti-corrosion wood quotes, anti-corrosion wood enterprises Daquan) national standards drafting group leader, Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd., chief engineer Chen and Wang, </p>
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