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<p>take the gap, with a flat-blade screwdriver to the positioner to the side To the seam can be; sliding door tilt phenomenon, the right tilt is the left bottom of the wheel &quot;loose&quot; sign or right bottom wheel &quot;tight&quot; mark. 9, in the use of sliding doors must first look at the handle there is no protruding, if highlighted, should first press the flat, otherwise it will hit the side cabinet or handle. Solid wood wardrobe pest control skills Many people in the choice of custom overall </p>
<p>wardrobe, will choose solid wood, since it is very wooden furniture is likely to be infested by insects, especially accidentally touched the gap in the rainy weather, it is easy to mold Insects, so the purchase of solid wood wardrobe or wooden wardrobe must do pest control aggression. Paint paint on the corner has not yet been affected, with raw tung oil, shellac paint or varnish and other coatings, brush the surface of the cabinet, so that insects and air isolated to </p>
<p>achieve the purpose of mothproof. It should be noted that, in the brushing, the front and back and wooden cabinet wall should be evenly brushing. Liquid spray when the wooden cabinet was insect damage, the available dichlorvos and water to 1: 5 ratio of the liquid, spray with a full spray, so that liquid into the cabinet, to spray 3-5 times, by 8 After hours, you can kill all the borers. After the cabinet will be washed with water clean and dried. The above content </p>
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