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<p>general business to establish a business platform or other related or non-related industry cooperation between the country has been very common. In essence, this innovative business model is ultimately to share resources in advance, information sharing, strong combination, to achieve a win-win situation. The alliance has led to a </p>
<p>greater expansion of the influence of the coalition and a decline in operating costs, and the alliance is also trying to maximize the interests of consumers. Flooring and home appliances 'heterogeneous alliance' industry disputes in July this year, the first to join hands in Changhong Changhong Group launched the 'buy floor to send Changhong </p>
<p>LCD TV' activities, after the new as the launch of 'buy the floor to send Acer notebook', nature launched 'buy Floor to send Haier LCD TV '... ...' Heterogeneous Union 'quickly became the hottest vocabulary of the flooring industry this summer. Why did the 'industry alliance' wind at this time? This has to start from the New Deal in April </p>
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