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<p>strengthen the power of the alliance innovation team. <a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/17286.html">interlocking tiles sale philippines</a><br/>Zhang Zhida Inspector After listening to the report, the Company believes that the strategic alliance between Muzhu Industrial Technology Innovation has really implemented the work and has played its role in technical support, personnel training and information sharing since the Jinsheng Flooring Co., Ltd. joined the coalition. Important role. We hope that in the future,wood shades composite fencing specs the alliance will continue to step up the promotion of scientific and technological achievements among members of the league and external enterprises and establish a more complete and efficient management mechanism and platform </p>
<p>for the exchange of scientific and technological achievements so as to continue to play a good role in promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading The positive role. Thematic link:<a href='http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-fence/3302.html'>resurfacing deck boards</a><br/> 'Solid wood flooring manufacturing base' Nanxun floor wood manufacturers Daquan This monitoring spot checks 210 enterprises in 211 provinces 211 batches of parquet products, the sampling pass rate of 98.1%, of which three layers of parquet sampling qualified Rate of 90.5%, multi-layer parquet sampling rate of 98.9%. The monitoring of 14 provinces in 16 provinces with a pass rate of 100%.best fence covering Australia 23 large enterprises were monitored with a pass rate of 100%; 45 medium-</p>
<p>sized enterprises with a pass rate of 97.8%;<a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/5483.html">pvc products manufacturer</a><br/> 142 small enterprises with a pass rate of 97.9%, formaldehyde emission rate of 99.5%, dip peel of 99.5% and static buckling strength of 99.0% Modulus 99.5%, moisture content, surface wear, paint adhesion, surface resistance to pollution, four indicators are qualified. The survey found that the parquet industry has the following problems: First, the low proportion of highly educated practitioners,buy composite wall panels online accounting for only 13% of the total number of enterprises. Second, the lack of technical capacity of enterprises. Third, less R \u0026 D investment in enterprises, monitoring and research of 208 companies, </p>
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