Wood floor maintenance methods

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<P>In our daily life, we often do not carelessly sprinkle water on the ground. At this time, we do not have to be nervous because as long as the amount is small and the time is not long, we will not have any impact on the floor. Just wipe it in time. If you encounter continuous rainy weather or wet weather in the south, some people will worry about solid wood floor moisture content resulting in expansion and deformation. In fact, the solid wood flooring currently on the market is basically treated with paint. The ability of the floor to absorb moisture is greatly reduced. Increasing moisture content requires a longer period and time, so consumers do not have to worry too much about it.</P>
<P>In addition, according to the environment in which to choose wood flooring material, but also a wise move to moisture. As in the more humid areas, you can choose a small deformation of materials, such as teak flooring, as well as the choice of quality floor paint is also a very effective method of moisture-proof.</P>
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