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Secţiunea dedicată jocului FIFA 09

by qizhen0809 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:51 pm

<P>The home floor with a flat mop floor care to clean the wooden floor, remove the surface of the dust and hair. The floor of the oil put on the nozzle, the nozzle to adjust to the spray state; evenly sprayed on the floor surface of the oil, spray 1-2 per square meter; and then use the floor dedicated electrostatic mop or micro-wet rag evenly wipe the floor surface of the essential oil.</P>
<P>After all the essential oil on the wooden floor is absorbed (take 5-9 minutes), then use an electrostatic mop or a dry cloth to wipe it back and forth, you can find that the floor of the original home can also be rubbed brighter.</P>
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