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Edmonton investment experts provide the 鈥榬eal deal鈥?for those looking to profit in Alberta rental property. Published: 13.06.2008 | Author: steve | Category: Real Estate

Danielle Millar
Glenn Simon Inc.
Alberta Oil Sands Real Estate Investments
102 , 10171 Saskatchewan Dr.,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – T6B 2W2
Toll Free: 1-888-780-5940
Fax: 267-350-9435

Edmonton investment experts provide the 鈥榬eal deal鈥?for those looking to profit in Alberta rental property.

With the increase in real estate investments in Canada and particularly the perceived cooling of the Alberta market, Glenn Simon Inc., an investment expert company, helps investors take advantage of the lull in the Alberta market and grow their capital with maximum gain, earnings and safety.

Glenn Simon Inc. is an Alberta based wealth building joint venture investment real estate company. The owners , Todd Millar and Danielle Millar, are investment experts who partner clients with equity building Edmonton, Alberta oil sand real estate, strong appreciation and consistently profitable, safe and secure investments. They offer a wide range of services. Using the A.C.R.E (Authentic Canadian Real Estate) system to evaluate property, they also arrange property mortgages, set-up joint venture accounts, offer full service management , maintenance and a hands free investment partnership for their clients.

As an asset class, real estate has proven to be more stable than stocks and bonds, 30 years of data show that real estate is 鈥渓ess risky鈥?and provides greater stability and wealth creation over a long-term strategy. Joint venture partnerships in carefully selected revenue property allow investors to choose from direct property investment partnerships as well as second mortgages and RRSP eligible investments. Moreover, it鈥檚 a large asset class, with Canadian commercial real estate worth about $760-billion. That compares with the total value of the Canadian stock market of $1.834-trillion. Of that latter amount, $45.4-billion is in real estate securities. It鈥檚 a growing and increasingly profitable asset class.

Alberta鈥檚 healthy economy and growing population support continued strength both in rental and resale real estate, speakers told the CMHC Housing Outlook Conference recently. Amongst adult Albertans 72% now own their own homes, compared to 64% of other Canadians. Among non-owners , 55% of Albertans plan to buy within five years, compared to 42% of other Canadians. Most Alberta home shoppers continue to rent for 3 to 5 years, which creates a steady and profitable cycle for investors by supplying a tight rental base (currently less than 1% vacancy rate in Edmonton) and homebuyer demand in the coming years which increases home prices. Alberta real estate has experienced significant gains the past years and is now entering into a healthy plateau, translating to an excellent buying opportunity for investors. Due to strong wage increases, low taxes and a healthy economy, the demand for real estate will continue for years to come. Edmonton, Alberta鈥檚 capital is the closest major city to the lucrative oil sands projects in northern Alberta. The oil sands have attracted over $200 billion in investment to the province, and people are flocking to the area in search of high paying jobs. The U.S. prefers to import oil from Canada rather than the Middle East or other sources and the bulk of its oil and gas come from Canada鈥檚 oil sands.

Husband and wife team Todd and Danielle Millar , own and operate Glenn Simon Inc. The Millars are experts in the Edmonton real estate investment field and help people from all over the world safely and profitably invest in the Alberta region of Canada.

Author Bio

Todd Millar 鈥?President of Glenn Simon Inc. has highlighted the benefits of investing in Edmonton, Alberta real estate since 2002. Millar has been featured in various articles including NuWire Investor Magazine and Executive Impact – Japan Times. Millar contributes his strategies for building successful joint venture partnerships in REIN materials, authors a bimonthly newsletter, is featured in best selling author Don Campbell鈥檚 鈥?1 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors鈥?book and has many client success stories to his credit. Millar shares his insights speaking at investment seminars and workshops in Canada and Japan, and is available for interview.

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