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Orice în afară de FIFA.

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Not every draft pick in the annual NHL draft turns out to become as successful as Sidney Crosby Alex DeBrincat Jersey , Jonathan Toews or even Connor McDavid. Sure, you can be one of the biggest college or minor league prospects in your native country, but that doesn't mean that you'll achieve large amounts of success in the NHL.

Just like any other professional sport, there are a lot of expectations for a player that gets selected in the first round of a draft. While a team might initially get a tremendous steal, as most players proceed to be a significant part of their team's future Kris Letang Jersey , others aren't so lucky and end up becoming a bust. Yeah, it usually takes about four or five years until you can consider a player a steal or a bust, but sometimes, things immediately don't work in the player's favor. That's just an inevitable part of life.

NHL coaching staffs certainly can do the best they can to pick the best available players, but not even the surest of picks will turn out the way they wanted them to. Some guys just never find the exact same touch they had in college or the minor leagues. Like other career fields Mark Stone Jersey , you might not stay in one field for the rest of your life, and you were forced to work other jobs鈥攚hether you want to or not.

Without further ado, let's take a look at eight NHL draft busts who now work 9 to 5 and seven with cushy jobs.

So why is Terry McAulay abruptly retiring from his gig as an NFL referee? According to Kevin Seifert of, McAulay will become the rules analyst for NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Asked by PFT — which falls under the NBC umbrella — for comment, NBC declined. (As I’ve said time and again Youth Dion Phaneuf Jersey , they only wake me up for the unimportant meetings.)

Seifert also reports that others auditioned for the gig, including referee Clete Blakeman. Which means, obviously, that Blakeman would have retired/resigned, if he’d gotten the job.

Blakeman joins Jeff Triplette as the latest former NFL officials turned rules analysts. It remains to be seen whether they’ll be more like Mike Pereira (who is excellent) or more like Mike Carey (who was not).

This year Tyson Barrie Jersey , the position becomes arguably more important than ever, given the changes to the catch rule and the kickoff formation. Likewise, the new rule prohibiting players from lowering their helmets to initiate contact may necessitate plenty of explanations.
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