Rumor:Ronaldo would be leaving the white team in June 2018

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by frbenzema2018 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:48 am

Am I really just a rumor?
As a Real Madrid fan, I really can't believe it and I don't want to believe it :( ;
Specially share this, hoping to get more feedback;

As the saying goes, behind a great team, there is a soccer genius, and this genius is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo :locul1: will remain linked with Real Madrid for five more years. He said he wants to play until he is 41.


The owner of the '7' of Real Madrid stamped his signature in a new contract that joins him with his club until 2021. Florentino Perez, president of the 'White House' was the one who initiated the ceremony before the present media. He only had words of eternal gratitude.
"First I want to thank my colleagues, the president, the city and Real Madrid. Everyone helped me get to this moment. I'm in the best club in the world. It's in my heart and it's my face, "said the Portuguese crack.

"I want to continue making history with this shirt. By my head it did not even happen to beat Raúl González in goals. In the next five years I hope to win trophies and many titles. I want to retire here and all this is very special. It's not my last contract since I could play until I'm 41. "


January 18, 2018 (11:02 CET)
Contacts Real Madrid and Manchester United have been in contact for days. Both clubs are trying to reach an agreement on the possible transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from the white team to the red devils.
They want Cristiano Ronaldo out

The rumors about the escape of the Luso from the capital do not stop growing and there are not few in Chamartín who would offer to put the bow to the striker if an offer comes in conditions.
An important sector of the Real Madrid leaders point out that, at 32, the best of Cristiano was already seen and that the Portuguese cycle ended. They think that it is no longer the crack that took the reins of the team and solved the matches. The leaders say that the time to sell it is now if the Real do not want to carry the millionaire card of a player finished for the next few years.
The annual requests for salary increases and the threats to leave if the improvement does not occur also have enough of the members of the leadership. In this sense, Florentino Pérez is very clear. The president is sharp and warns the attacker that if he wants to go he already knows what he has to do: put the money of his clause on the table. Then he will be free.


Manchester United, the only suitor
But apart from United, no great European club is willing to catch their fingers with the signing of a footballer who will soon become an old glory. Not only because of the amounts they demand in Concha Espina, but because of the stratospheric and exorbitant salary of the striker, which does not adjust to the performance that this season is giving on the pitch. But the British do not think to go crazy either. They do not intend to pay more than 100 million euros, and that if Cristiano is willing to not upload his current record.

Cristiano Ronaldo is different. There is no possible comparison. 33 years contemplate the Portuguese, but still has the desire of the young newcomer.
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