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The Broncos opened the 2017 season with a 2-0 record and then lost nine of their last 10 games on the way to finishing the season with a 5-11 record.It looked like this season might be headed in the same direction. The Broncos won their first two games and then lost six of seven heading into their bye week. The two weeks since the bye have seen the team deviate from the path they followed last season Womens Bradley Chubb Jersey , however.The Broncos beat the Chargers on the road in Week 11 and then came home to beat the Steelers last Sunday to stabilize their record and start some people talking about the possibility of making a playoff run. Head coach Vance Joseph tried to slow down that talk this week.“We’re 5-6; that’s it,” Joseph said, via the Denver Post. “We’ve done nothing up to this point. If we don’t win Sunday, we’re 5-7 — that’s ugly.”A win on Sunday in Cincinnati against a 5-6 Bengals team that just lost its quarterback would likely spur even more talk about where the Broncos can go this year because the 49ers, Browns and Raiders follow the Bengals on the schedule. Beating those teams may not qualify as doing something, but it could put the team in position to do so with another win over the Chargers to close the regular season.Broncos face early test in Ravens and Chiefs Broncos-Raiders roundupMake that a sirloin, Todd.Panic Alert: The Worst Teams in the NFLObviously the big step back was when Gruden decided to dump Khalil Mack, and it’s never a good sign for a move when people are still talking about it weeks later, but... NFL Panic Meter: Giants , Bills, Cardinals should be concernedEven Von took a jab at the move.Broncos’ Von Miller: “Good play by the Raiders” in trading Khalil MackJon Gruden Gets Stuck in 2002Jon Gruden spent the Khalil Mack money on a time machine, man10 years, Raiders fans. 10 years. The Baltimore Ravens I’ll be doing a film review of the dirty birds tomorrow for GIF Horse, but here are a few things I’m keeping an eye on that Broncos Country should keep in mind:They may be down two of their top defenders. What we learned from Bengals' victory over Ravens - NFL.comNFL - Biggest injuries of Week 2, prognosis for Week 3Has C.J. Mosley become Baltimore Ravens' most indispensable defender? - Baltimore Ravens Blog- ESPNIf Mosley can’t go, it will be a big loss. Mosley a top ten linebacker in the league. The Ravens offense will heavily feature their tight ends.Bengals vs. Ravens Thursday night preview, prediction | SI.comRefocused, NFL Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals 34 , Baltimore Ravens 23 | NFL Analysis | Pro Football FocusWhile the Broncos held Oakland’s Jared Cook to 4 catches for 49 yards, the stats fail to tell the whole story. The Broncos D played off coverage so much that it compromised their pass rush in spots, something they can’t afford to do against the Ravens who have had issues protecting Flacco so far this season.Five takeaways from the Ravens’ 34-23 loss to the Bengals - Baltimore BeatdownAgainst the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore routinely left their tight ends alone on edge rushers. I doubt they do that against Miller, Bradley Chubb or Shaquil Barrett but it’s crucial the Broncos and Woods punish them if they do.A look ahead to Kansas City, where Patty Melt looks legitOnly two weeks in, the Chiefs new quarterback has taken the NFL by storm.Kansas City Chiefs beat Pittsburgh Steelers: 10 winners and 6 losers - Arrowhead PrideWhat’s more, it isn’t just one receiver on the Chiefs offense that is lighting it up. The stats fail to account for how crazy Mahomes’ games have been to date, though.National media is gushing about Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes | The Kansas City StarWhile the Steelers’ defense has been a question mark since their meltdown to the Jacksonville Jaguars last year , how Mahomes handled pressure is something every Broncos fan should keep in mind.Patrick Mahomes grows as Chiefs beat SteelersI’ve mentioned more than once that the Broncos’ D this year is overly reliant on the Orange Rush to get pressure. Derek Carr proved that to be the case in emphatic fashion Sunday as he took a trip through “The No Fly Zone” like he had a ticket with Southwest Airlines. This last part is key to how the AFC West plays out this year. Calling the Chiefs defense pourous would be an understatement. They go as far as the young QB takes them, so quotes like this should keep Joe Woods up at night.NFL Week 2: Bortles Unchained, Mahomes Unstoppable | SI.comLindsay is proof that early backs are a waste of draft capitalBroncos RB Phillip Lindsay sets NFL rookie record - NFL.comLindsay’s week 2 carry chart, per Next Gen StatsDid the rich get richer?Browns trade Josh Gordon to Patriots for fifth-rounder - NFL.comThere are corners of the net that have already said a fifth round pick is awfully steep for the baggage Gordon brings to the table. At the same time, to only cite 2013 is to ignore what he did last year and week 1 of 2018. A fifth round pick seems like nothing if it prevents Belichick from acquiring this kind of weapon. Tom Brady has to be ecstatic today. It’s early but that offense now features two lethal vertical threats in Rob Gronkowski and Gordon. Catching up with the rest of the NFLKeelan Cole does his best OBJ impressionVontae Davis made bank for a game and a half While the reaction to Davis on Sunday was a combination of “I don’t blame him, it’s the Bills” and sheer contempt, Monday was where the cooler discussion began.I do wonder if there’s more at play than has come to light. Consider Olin Kruetz, who retired in 2011. Does Rich know who signs his checks? Meanwhile, the NFL doubled down because of course they did.NFL rules penalty on Green Bay Packers' Clay Matthews was correctNevermind that the call has already seriously impacted playoff positioning. How toxic is that Steelers locker room?Wentz will start week 3Carson Wentz cleared to return Youth Chris Harris Jr Jersey , will start Sunday - NFL.comThe Browns are still the Browns, cut a kicker after he plays injured and strugglesGot to wonder if Zane Gonzalez cost himself a chance going forward. Bolts need magic to beat the Bills. What Did the Bills Say After Losing to the Bolts?There’s little doubt that Buffalo is in a tight race with the Cardinals for the bottom of the league standings. A wins a win, but it should concern Charger fans that this was tighter than expected. How the Chargers Took Advantage of Mike Williams’ MismatchIf there’s one big positive for the Bolts though, Melvin Gordon was huge. I lost to him in fantasy this week, so I’m a little bitter. Melvin Gordon's nose for goal line solves Chargers red zone woes - Los Angeles Chargers Blog- ESPNLastly, a Paxton Lynch sighting
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