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<p> The Ultrafine Mill is widely used in the ultrafine classification process for a variety of materials, including the abrasives, calcite, talc, limestone, graphite, quartz, diatomaceous earth, chemical raw materials (toner, additives, phosphor, dyes, pigments, silica gel, etc), ceramic powder, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, glass powder, and so on. The performance characteristics of the screw washing machine are as follows.</p>
<p> The motor of screw washing machine adopts the straight-through connection. Compared to the connection way of belt driven, this way is more convenient in structure, lower in failure rate, and easier to maintain. The entire classifying system uses the negative pressure to run, so there is no dust leakage happening in the working process of equipment. In addition, only a small vibration will produce when the device is running and the noise is low, so it will not cause the environmental pollution in the working process. In the working process, the gas and the material move smoothly in the screw washing machine. The air will enter the screw washing machine along the tangential direction, forming vortex rotation movement. After the function of the guide vane in the deflector plate, the air in the screw washing machine will be distributed smoothly and uniformly, creating a better particle separation and classification condition.</p>
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