At Swarovski, anything is possible

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by JamesDG » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:16 am

At Swarovski, anything is possible. Choose from the great collection of swarovski bijoux pas cher crystal in the world. There’s bound to be a piece for yourself or someone you love, from chic jewellery to deluxe watches and exclusive accessories. At Schiphol’s Swarovski boutique, seeing is most definitely believing.Swarovski’s designs marry sparkle with modernity. When the company was founded in 1895, it prompted the widespread use of crystal in jewellery and accessories. Today, ranging from subtle to bold, the brand’s dazzling pieces are versatile and daring, while still retaining the precision-cut brilliance the Swarovski name is famous for.SWAROVSKI is the expert cut crystal brand that offers a universe of jewelry, watches, accessories and decorative pieces for both men and women. With its knowhow and unique creative heritage, SWAROVSKI changes each season through collections of fine jewelry and timeless incomparable brilliance. The brand also offers a line of watches that combine innovative design with the Switch watch precision.
Swarovski, the world leader in precision cut crystal, announces plans to open a holiday pop up shop at swarovski bagues soldes. A curated array of holiday jewelry, accessories, décor, lighting, tech and more, adorned with Swarovski crystals, will be available to shop from various designers. Brands will include Beachwaver, Capezio, Caroline Néron, Coach Watches, Crystamas, Hickies, Inge Christopher, Jimmy Crystal New York, Judith Leiber Couture, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste, Oscar de la Renta, Senhoa, S’well, St. John, Tord Boontje for Swarovski, and Zac Zac Posen, among others.
It’s rare that a brand name is so synonymous with its product, but swarovski soldes france happens to be one of those cases. There’s a catch, though: while everyone knows the Austrian family firm makes sparkly crystals, they probably don’t know just how ubiquitous those little gems have become. Swarovski stones have shown up everywhere from the jeweled curtain at the Oscars to stage costumes for Elvis, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Through its many divisions, Swarovski sinks its crystals into watches, hangs them from chandeliers and assembles them into home décor items and gifts. But nowhere are the stones more visible than in the fashion realm, whether as part of the company’s own jewelry line or on clothing created by some 150 high-end designers.\
Meaning: an affordable diamond—so close to the real thing that it might as well be. Thanks to the stones’ incomparable dazzle and reasonable price, swarovski soldes bijoux glinted their way onto the silver screen (Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers and Holly Golightly’s tiara in Breakfast at Tiffany’s were both Swarovski encrusted) and eventually into the lives of consumers. Swarovski’s watches, jewelry and gifts fill its 2,800 retail locations worldwide. Meanwhile, partner brands have stuck the crystals on everything from sneakers to dog dishes to Mercedes-Benzes.Indeed, it’s the range of product collaborations that, Buchbauer said, has “kept us in the game.” But it’s also something else: the undeniable magic of bling. “Once [a] product is enhanced with stones,” he says, “it becomes so incandescent that people want to keep it for a long time—it adds value to almost any kind of product you can imagine.”
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