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Lots of similarity to the Pegasus 31 in design and appearance of midsole. Firmer and notice Nike Air Max 90 Mujer Negras somewhat rockered geometry that creates the “roll” in the ride.
While the Elite 7 is designed as an uptempo running shoe, its stack height is somewhat substantial. Additionally, while the midsole material is firmer than, say the Pegasus 31, it is not as firm as most racing shoes. The shoe is fairly stiff longitudinally though, and that, combined with the “crash rails” on the lateral side of the shoe, Nike Air Max 95 Womens give the ride a rolling feel (akin to, but not as pronounced as, a Pearl Izumi N1/N2). While this may or may not be a good thing, depending on your preference, the end result is that the shoe is not that flexible, but still runs fairly nimbly despite the lack of flexibility. It has a zoom air unit in the forefoot, along with a solid patch of rubber outsole on the forefoot, which provides great protection across the metatarsals. Nike Air Vapormax Mujer That protection is no doubt the best feature of the ride for me; lots of help for tired feet without the weight of a full blown trainer.

There are some problems with the ride for me, however. Mainly it has to do with the outsole design in which there are pretty stiff crash rails on the lateral side with no rubber under the medial heel. This leads to feeling your heel dump medially on initial contact. It stabilizes for me pretty quickly once I’m on my forefoot, but I find that I’m compensating for it, and after awhile I get fatigued at trying to weight my forefoot earlier than normal. This could have been easily fixed if Nike had just extended the medial heel rubber over another two inches. I’m fine with not having rubber on the arch area on a road shoe, but I think the heel needs it on the medial side (unless the entire outsole Adidas Superstar Damen Schwarz is EVA and not rubber, like the inov-8 Road-X Lite 155).Nice outsole other than glaring omission of medial heel rubber.
Other than the lack of medial heel rubber, the outsole design is pretty good for a road shoe. I like the lateral midfoot coverage, something many shoes don’t have, which, if you land midfoot, tends to eat up the exposed midsole. I like the solid rubber forefoot that gives Nike Air Max 95 Homme great protection over the metatarsals, and the rubber seems to be holding up very well even though I’ve run at least 35-40 miles on trails.

Overall Impressions
The Nike Zoom Elite 7 is a really nice shoe overall with one issue that may or may not be a major one depending on your gait: the lack of rubber under the inner heel. For me it has really detracted from what otherwise is a great all-around shoe that even handles trails quite well. Nike Air Max 90 Mujer All in all, I would recommend the shoes with the caveat that for some (maybe most) you will notice some lateral buildup relative to the medial side. If Nike fixed this one issue, I would call them one of the best versatile trainers out there that could go long or fast and not feel bad at either.
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