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My overall impression is that the Motion III is a shoe that I’d be perfectly content to use for eating up miles. It’s not a shoe I’d choose for speed, but it’s a shoe I’d be more Nike Air Max 95 Mujer than happy to use for running long. It just works.
Now the big question – is this shoe worth the MSRP of $175? Here’s where things get tricky. Personally, I would say no. There are plenty of shoes that sell for under $100 that I would be just as Adidas Deerupt Womens content to use for eating up miles. The Newton Energy at $115 costs $60 less and works just as well, if not better. Newton would argue that their shoes cost more to make, and that they are more durable than most other shoes. I still find the durability argument debatable – sure some people can get 1000 miles out of a pair, but others may wear the lugs or Nike Air Odyssey Womens heel outsole down in far less. And there are people that can get 1000 miles out of a much cheaper shoe. So for me, this is not a shoe I would buy for myself (and I will be donating my pair as is my practice with most media samples after a review is complete). But if you are a fan of previous versions of the Motion and are intrigued by the 5 lug design, I can highly recommend it. Great shoe.
The Newton Motion III is available for purchase at Running Warehouse, Zappos, and Amazon.com. Nike Air Max 2017 Damen Outside of the US they are available at Sportsshoes.com. Purchases made from these sites support the work done here on Runblogger and help keep reviews like this coming – thank you for you support!Sometime last year I decided that it was time to step away from the marathon for awhile and focus on shorter, faster races. I love marathons, but the training cycles had become a grind, and I was tired of focusing all of my effort on only one or two races per Nike Air Max Tavas Damen year. I have also come to realize that my body seems better built for shorter distances – I’m not a huge guy, but I have a large frame, and running fast for 26.2 miles typically knocks me out for quite a long time. I needed a break.
About a month ago I started training hard again under the guidance of my coach, Caleb Masland. I wanted an early-season test of my fitness, so I started Nike Air Huarache Femme looking for a local 5K. It was an interesting experience. I hopped on Cool Running to look at the local race schedule, and as I scanned the list of options my blood pressure started to rise. My heart was pounding and I had butterflies in my stomach. I was a little bit afraid, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. It had been a long time since I’d raced a 5K – well over a year since my last 5K road race. My primary recollection was that racing a 5K hurts. Really bad.5K races hurt in a very different way than marathons hurt. You can run a marathon at what feels like a relatively moderate pace for most of the race. Pain doesn’t set in until around mile 18, and the Nike Roshe Run Womens pain is not like that experienced in a 5K.In a 5K I tend to go out fast and focus all of my efforts on hanging on. It’s about managing the hurt and resisting the urge to slow down. Nike Air Max 95 Femme It lasts only about 20 minutes if all goes well, but it’s 20 minutes of struggle. I was afraid of the pain because it had been so long since I’d last experienced it.I lined up at the starting line of the SEA 5K two weeks ago without a strong sense Nike Air Max 90 Mujer Rosas of what I was capable of. I’d run through the winter, but not big miles and mostly at a pretty leisurely pace. I told myself I’d be happy with sub-20:00, so that’s what I aimed for. True to form I went out really fast. Well under 6:00/mile pace for the first half mile or so. I felt good, but it was just www.clairerooney.co.uk the adrenaline carrying me along. I slowed down a bit as the hurt started, and finished the first mile in 6:05.
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