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by blair2019 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:20 pm

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,At the end of this year, there will be a number of new Air Jordan 1 color schemes, and Jordan Brand will create a personal Air Jordan 1 PE color scheme for Griffin, Paul and Anthony. The Griffin version of the Air Jordan 1 "Blake Griffin" features a black lining with black lining and Swoosh, and the BG Logo on the tongue indicates its identity. This non-note version is crafted from red matte leather combined with mesh material, complemented by a white toe and heel, and a black Swoosh contrasting with the "Flying Wing" logo, which is finished with a black and white sole. In addition, the "Jumpman" logo on the tongue was replaced by Griffin's personal logo to highlight the special identity.

In the Nike Air VaporMax family, the first exposed CDG co-branded version is always high. It saves the traditional laces to create a more comfortable and comfortable package. It is not only light and individual, but also the COMME des GARÇONS font is more highly recognizable. In addition, the sales channel is special, the market volume is scarce, and the price is always at a high level. Today Nike officially released the Nike Air Vapormax Laceless version. No matter the color or shape, it is the same as the previous CDG co-branded. It just cancels the co-branded COMME des GARÇONS and the visual performance is also outstanding! Both Air Max 97 and Air VaporMax are two series of Nike's main push this year. Many of the best color combinations have accumulated a lot of popularity. If you combine these two shoes, would you like it? Recently, Sneakerfiles revealed that Nike will launch two series of fusion shoes next year. As can be seen from the renderings, Air Max 97 “Metallic Gold” replaces the original Air Max midsole with Air VaporMax air cushion. It's a bit weird!

Nike Air Max 97, a classic retro running shoe that swept the streets last year, has recently brought a heart-rending South Coast color scheme! Nike Air Max 97 South Beach refreshing lake green is embellished with white shoes, pink lines and Swoosh Logo, creating a pure South Coast feel, and the vibrant visual performance is irresistible. The upper details are complemented by a breathable mesh surface. Different from the nylon material, the breathability is better, and naturally it is more suitable for spring and summer wear.
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by velirr » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:23 am

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