Nathan Peterman joins parade of futility

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No one has to look far or long to find a list of ways the AFC East has cowered in the shadow of the Patriots during the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era.No one has to wait long for fresh evidence that their dominance wont end any time soon.TheBills provided someSunday, in fact, when they trotted out rookie Nathan Peterman Torrey Smith Pro Line Black Jersey to start at quarterback against the Chargers, and trotted him right back to the bench at halftime after five interceptions.MORE: Week 12 NFL Power RankingsOnce again, the Patriots are in full control of the division, at 8-2, three games ahead of second-place Buffalo, and if things break right the next two weeks, they can clinch their ninth straight AFC East crown (and 15th in 17 years since Brady became the starter in 2001). They will have won a division in which the other three teams Bills, Jets and Dolphins started three quarterbacks who were not even on their rosters at the end of 2016.In short ...there's never a bad time to examine how and why these teams can go this long without seriously contending to win their division, through the lens of the position thats tormented them the most.Hint: The torment is self-inflicted.Buffalo Bills (5-5)Starting QBs since 2001: 12Best hit: Drew Bledsoe, acquired from Patriots, Greg Olsen Jersey 2002, one winning season, one Pro Bowl appearance, three seasons. The gloom hadn't fully set in, nor had the playoff drought, which had begun in 2000.Worst mi s: J.P. Losman, 2004 first-round pick? E.J. Manuel, 2012 first-round pick? Ryan Fitzpatrick (him again), who also conned this team into a $24 million franchise-quarterback contract in 2011? Nope. Sorry, Nathan Peterman, you move straight to the front of the line. Not his fault, but that's life in Bills-land.Bottom line: They have not made the playoffs since 1999,but examples like Men's Cam Newton Limited Jersey this make a case for ineptitude rather than curses or jinxes.Today: Coach Sean McDermott had not decided yet whether Peterman or the demoted Tyrod Taylor starts next week.Miami Dolphins (4-6)Starting QBs since 2001: 15Best hit: Ryan Tannehill, first round, 2012. Its true. Its been really bleak in South Florida post-Dan Marino, throughout the Brady run and since Tannehills knee went out late last yearand again in the preseason.Worst mi s: Daunte Culpepper, free agent, 2006. A shame, really: They got the wrong franchise guy coming off a serious injury that offseason, because Drew Brees and his bad shoulder went to New Orleans. (That was also the Nick Saban Im not going to Alabama year, which was followed by the Cam Cameron, 1-15, Cleo Lemon year.)Bottom line: Always the AFC Easts biggest tease, picked more often (on flimsy evidence) to throw a scare into the Patriots, only to eventually face-plant this year included.Today: Jay Cutler, unle s his concu sion symptoms linger. His Dolphins epitaph will read, "He Knew Adam Gases System." Torrey Smith Jersey MORE: Each team's worst-ever starting QBNew York Jets (4-6)Starting QBs since 2001: 9Best hit: Chad Pennington, three playoff appearances, two wins, one career-altering shoulder injury. Yes, Mark Sanchez went to two straight AFC title games, but the Butt Fumble cancels that out. (Five years ago Wednesday congrats!)Worst mi s: Christian Hackenberg, second round, 2016. The most recent of eight quarterbacks theyve drafted in the Brady era, including four years in a row and five out of six. Has not played a down yet.Bottom line:The Luke Kuechly Jersey 2013preseason game against the Giants when Sanchez wrecked his shoulder after inexplicably entering the game in the fourth quarter, and Rex Ryan literally stood at the podium faux-arguing with himself about the decision to play him then ... that's a microcosm of the Jets' Brady-era quarterback experience.Today: Josh McCown, whose signing fed the original theory that the Jets were tanking the season.
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