Which Chargers defensive player has stood out the most this

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Okay everyone Youth Caleb Sturgis Jersey , which defensive player has impressed you most through the first three weeks of the preseason?Jamie Sewell: I’m going for Hayes Pullard, partially because my expectations for him couldn’t have been much lower, but he’s looking like a competent NFL player. On Saturday, he was the quickest player on the field and flying towards the ball, which wasn’t something you could say for him last year. He didn’t deserve the snaps he got last season, but he looks in a much better position to contribute this year.Garrett Sisti: Uchenna Nwosu looks like a better player than he did in college and while most projected him to be somewhat raw, Nwosu has completely adapted to Gus’ system and has been so impressive in the preseason. Nwosu might have some shortcomings in coverage, but his overall play so far has been one of the best of any Chargers defender.Matthew Stanley: I think the drafted rookies, that have played, as a whole have looked very good. Nwosu, Kyzir, and Derwin all have a chance to be big contributors this year and are going to transform this defense and take it to the next levelKyle Posey: defense has been weak as a whole, but Nwosu has been a pleasant surprise. He hustles his butt off and plays with good energy. Looking forward to seeing him with bosa and Ingram on the field at the same time. Early on Jahleel Addae Jersey , he’s much better than I expected.Jason Michaels: I will go with Derwin James for defense, not because he has been the best player through limited snaps, but because he made one of the biggest splash plays of the preseason, which helps stave off buyers remorse significantly. It’s nice to hear that the Chargers got a steal in the draft, and not because they settled for someone’s dirty laundry that was undervalued. He will be an impact player.Cole Thompson: Besides Desmond King, Derwin James is my ROY, he can play so many roles for Gus Bradley’s defense, I expect him to line up pretty much all over the field depending on the formation.Jamie Hoyle: I’ll go under the radar and say, Isaac Rochell. While I thought Rochell would make the roster pretty easily, I didn’t expect him to have the preseason he had playing with the 1’s. He’s been making plays against the run and as a pass rusher, and it really looks like he has a chance to add some quality depth to the DL. A line that looked like it might have depth issues with the departure of Chris McCain now suddenly looks like it’s 5-deep off the edge (including Nwosu) and Rochell has been a big part of that.Mike Murray: I’m going with Kyzir White. Even though the LB depth was sketching to start with, he is a 4th round pick who is going to be starting Day 1 and making big plays.Daniel Stebbins: There are a few of the rookies that have really shown out in the preseason and in training camp, and I’m tempted to go with one of them. However Authentic Dan Feeney Jersey , I’m going to pick Desmond King. Even knowing he had a fantastic rookie season, he looks to have taken another step up in his play this year. In practice, he stood out as always having great coverage or being in position to make a play/tackle. In games, it’s been more of the same. I feel he can be one of the top slot corners in the game if he continues to go at this rate, not bad for a fifth-round pick I’d say.Michael Peterson: Kyzir White is my pick after he’s been Mr. Consistent through the first three games of the preseason. He has lived up to his reputation as a sticky tackler and continues to bring a level of versatility needed for this defense to thrive.Ruben J. Gonzalez: I have been impressed with Uchenna Nwosu. I like his speed and his instincts he’s shown so far. I think he’s got so much more to learn and get better at that he’s gonna be a sneaky good pass rusher. Though most may have been down on draft day about grabbing him that early if he’s what he looks like he might be, a 2nd round selection might even be a steal.Which defensive player has stood out to you? Let us know in the comments.Three-Down Back: A trio of things to watch against the Buffalo Bills It didn’t have to be an important game that the Chargers needed to win. It didn’t have to have suspense and drama to be a memorable contest. It was actually the exact opposite of the typical “classic” games of history but that didn’t stop it from being an absolute blast to witness.In last year’s week 11 match-up against the Buffalo Bills, the Chargers put up 54 points thanks to quarterback Nathan Peterman serving up five interceptions on a silver platter in the first half, alone. It resembled the plot of the movie “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” except all the food that fell from the sky were errant throws.Coincidentally, the Chargers will face a second rookie quarterback for the Bills in as many years. The team recently announced that rookie Josh Allen will receive the starting nod afterhe took over for Nathan Peterman in the second-half of last week game against the Baltimore Ravens. Peterman threw two interceptions and helped the Ravens amass a 40-0 lead.With last year’s contest still fresh in the fan base’s mind, and last week’s debacle only adding to the fire, Chargers fans are going to be full steam ahead on the idea that there’s almost no doubt the Bolts will inevitably put the Bills through a table on Sunday.However, fans should know better with this team. Before we all get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at three storylines I’ll be watching carefully against the Bills.1.) Is Josh Allen next in line for a baptism by fire?Before Peterman was benched against the Ravens http://www.authenticlosangeleschargers.com/cheap-drew-kaser-jersey , he was absolutely dismal. He finished the game 5-of-18 for just 24 yards and two interceptions. Josh Allen finished the things out but wasn’t too much better. He completed just six of his 15 passes for 74 yards as they inevitably lost 47-3.It may not feel correct to say it, but the Chargers still have one of the best secondaries in the league. You can say what you want about Tyreek Hill and what he did this past Sunday but Hill is on his own level in this game. There is no one who can sniff Hill’s game on the Bills’ roster which makes this match-up all the juicier.The only thing Allen will have going for him heading into this game is that he won’t have to worry about defensive end Joey Bosa chasing him around the field.Do I expect the Chargers to collect another five interceptions off of Allen? No, but i’d say an interception or two is realistic even though the Bills will likely rely on their running game in order to take some of the load off the rookie’s shoulders.Which leads wonderfully into the next section...2.) Can the Chargers shut down LeSean McCoy after their stout performance against Kareem Hunt?In last year’s match-up, McCoy was close to the only thing the Bills had going for them offensively. In the blowout, Shady rushed for 114 yards and a touchdown on just 13 carries. He also added a 12-yard touchdown reception which made him responsible for half of the team’s points.McCoy might have a rougher go of things this time around as the Chargers looked surprisingly stout in an impressive outing against last year’s rushing leader, Kareem Hunt. Hunt collected just 49 yards on 16 carries, averaging just a hair over three yards per tote.This was a silver-lining lost in the noise stemming from Tyreek Hill and his eye-popping, multi-faceted performance. Across last year’s games against the Chiefs, Hunt amassed well over 300 yards and most expected more of the same. Fortunately for the Bolts, the new additions of linebacker Kyzir White, safety Derwin James, and defensive tackle Justin Jones already look to be paying dividends for the team.3.) Will 2018 second-round draft pick LB Uchenna Nwosu find himself on the field for more than two snaps?The first game of the 2018 season was reminiscent of the opener last year against the Broncos in that both contests featured minimal snaps for a player that was expected by the entire fan base to have a much bigger role from the jump. Last year it was tight end Hunter Henry coming off his spectacular rookie season where he tied for the league-lead in touchdowns with eight.This year, that player was outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu Youth Michael Schofield Jersey , a guy who was drafted to compete with Kyle Emanuel for the OTTO linebacker position in DC Gus Bradley’s defense. Nwosu had himself one of the most impressive preseason performances along with fellow rookie Kyzir White. To our non-surprise, White got a starting nod against the Chiefs but Nwosu found himself on the outside looking in. It probably didn’t make anything worse after watching Emanuel fumble around in coverage and single-handedly give up a touchdown.I mean, come on. Nick Dzubnar even got snaps and not just run-of-the-mill snaps, either. Dzubnar was in on a goal-to-go situation in which the Chiefs scored far too easily.By no means did fans expect Nwosu to start, but he showed enough in the preseason to warrant snaps. It was well-noted that Nwosu was getting a lot thrown at him due to his ability to play a plethora of roles in this defense so, again, not the most surprising thing to see him play in a limited fashion.Luckily, Coach Lynn recently announced that #42 will see an increase in snaps against Buffalo which will finally allow us to get a good look at the team’s top four picks from this year’s draft on the field together for the first time.
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