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by Labi1995 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 3:47 am

A lot of runners who have never ventured into the woods seem to have a fear of what might lurk amongst the tees. As a trail runner, I often get asked about what sort of wildlife I encounter while running out in the forest. For my first post as “The Dirty Runner” I’m hoping to relieve some fears by discussing what type of animals you might commonly see, and what to do should you come face to face with one of these creatures. *Disclaimer: I am not a wildlife expert. Far from it! I’m simply going to post what my experiences have been with animals out on the trail. I encourage you to research the wildlife in your local area and study expert opinions on how to behave during an encounter. Living in New England I see a lot of deer. Usually when I encounter a deer Nike Air Max 90 Mens I hear it before I Nike Air Max 2017 Femme see it. If you get close Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer to a deer and startle it, it’ll typically let out a surprisingly loud exhale through its nose. Deer are terrified of humans, and will turn and leap away from you. It’s incredibly beautiful to see these large animals do a bunny impersonation and bound gracefully into the thick woods. If you stay still and watch, you will see that they usually go only a little ways before stopping Nike Air Max 270 Femme to see if you are still there. I cherish my meetingsaa with them – they always bring a smile to my face.If you have never seen a moose up close, you’ll be dumbstruck at how gigantic these creatures are. And stupid. This is not an animal that you can scare easily. I have found their behavior to be very similar to deer, except that they only run about 25 feet before stopping to check and see if you’re still there. Moose are known to charge people if they feel threatened, so it’s best to stop as soon as you Nike Air Presto Femme see one and give it space. The most frightening encounter I’ve ever had was when I was running along and and I spotted a little moose a short distance away from me. As it ran off to the right of me I realized that it was a baby. I thought to myself: “Hmm… a baby, I wonder where its mama is?” I turned my head to the left and saw Nike Air Max 90 Mens a gigantic moose. I was directly between them and it was a very open, exposed trail. Luckily it just looked at me as I passed between them. I ran fast and hard for quite a while! Adrenaline is a great speed enhancer! I see these guys all the time. I actually almost kicked one once when I was too focused on my footsteps. I have never seen any aggressive behavior from them, but like any wild animal, it’s best to give it space.There are a ton of swamps and bogs in New Hampshire, and whenever you have those you have beavers. You’ll see evidence of them anytime you run along a river or stream, in the form of trees Nike Air Max 95 Femme that have been chewed down. If they have babies they might show protective behavior by slapping their tails on the surface of the water. It’s very loud and almost sounds like a gunshot – this indicates Nike Air Max Thea Hombre that the beaver feels Nike Air Max 90 Mujer threatened and wants you out of there. Best to oblige it.
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