Panthers 2018 season opener countdown: 59 days to go

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by douhua2233 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 3:57 am

It’s Luke Kuechly day on CSR Panthers fans! No. 59 - Luke Kuechly Womens Dontari Poe Jersey , LBExperience: 7 yearsHeight: 6’3”Age: 27Weight: 238 lbsCollege: Boston CollegeWhat can I possibly say about Luke at this point that all of the awards and accolades he has received hasn’t? How about this. Heal that shoulder on up Luke! We want to see nothing but a healthy Luke Kuechly in the center of our defense in 2018. Why is that might an NFL fan that’s been stranded on an island for the past eight seasons might ask. Well, hell let’s just let his highlight reel from 2012 to 2016 do the talking. It’s seven-plus minutes of pure Luke dominance. At the 3:40 mark is one of the most memorable plays from his rookie season Womens Greg Van Roten Jersey , when he blasts through the line on a stretch play to the left against the Ravens to blow up the running back and cause a fumble.He’s just an awesome player to watch. Madden NFL knows for sure. Kuechly is one of seven players given the top 99 rating for 2018 and the only middle linebacker to be given the rating.If you find yourself craving more well here you go.Panthers S Eric Reid kneeled during the national anthem today Eric Reid took a knee during the national anthem ceremony at Bank of America stadium before the game today. No other players joined him. He was not protesting the anthem and he was not violating NFL rules. He won’t be taking a knee on the field during the game.Reid is protesting inequality and racial injustice in the United States. He is doing so in a way that he believes shows respect for the military. He is doing so nonviolently. He is not protesting in a way or at a time that affects his responsibilities to the Carolina Panthers. Reid’s own words from last year are incredibly clear on this:This is a place where you can talk about his protest. Please, do so. Please also keep in mind his own words and not words anybody else has put in his mouth. Read his op-ed in the New York Times linked above. Read his twitter feed. We will update this story after the game to reflect any new statements Reid makes on the subject. And please Youth Ryan Kalil Jersey , most of all, try to be as respectful here as Reid is trying to be with his actions.Update: Eric Reid spoke to the media after the game about his decision to continue his protests this season. Head coach Ron Rivera was also asked about Reid’s choice and Rivera declined to say anything more than that he was not there “to discuss a guy exercising his first amendment right.”
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