Should the Redskins Be Worried about the New Orleans Saints?

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by douhua2233 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:57 am

Team: New Orleans Saints2017 Record: 11-5 (t-1st , NFC South)2018 Record: 3-1 (1st, NFC South)Outlook: The 2017 Saints won the NFC South on a tie-breaker, beat the Panthers for the third time in the first round of the playoffs, then came within an insane Stefon Diggs touchdown of making the NFC Championship game.Oh, and they also scored 15 points in the final three minutes of regulation to force overtime against the Redskins last November, a game New Orleans eventually won 34-31.This year, after a shocking shootout loss to the Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buccaneers, the Saints have won three straight. Like the Packers’ Aaron Jones, New Orleans’ Mark Ingram helpfully comes off of a season-opening suspension the week his team plays Washington.Even without Ingram, star-in-the-making Alvin Kamara has already proven he’s dangerous enough on his own to put up big numbers week after week.And Washington Redskins T-Shirt , of course, there’s Drew Brees, who is coming off the eleventh Pro Bowl season of his career.The Saints are currently #3 in points and #4 in yards in the NFL—and, again, that’s without Ingram.Defensively, the Saints should be as good as they’ve been in a while.They posted the tenth-best scoring mark in the NFL last year, just one season after being 31st in that same category (and dead last the year before that).Anchored by All-Pro Cameron Jordan, the Saints held eight of their final 11 opponents to 21 points or fewer in 2017.That pattern hasn’t held in 2018, though, as New Orleans has given up 30.25 points per game so far.How Worried Should We Be?: Pretty worried.Not as worried as I thought a couple of weeks ago Washington Redskins Hats , though.The Saints have a great offense.No doubt about it.But, right off the top, that soul-crushing loss last year did as much as any game to torpedoing the Redskins’ playoff hopes, so there’s a mild revenge factor in play.Coming off a bye helps, although Adrian Peterson and Josh Norman are still dealing with injuries as of this writing.Most importantly, except for a couple of lackluster moments against the Colts, the Redskins have looked pretty darn good, albeit with a small sample size.My big worry is that their wins featured superb first halves but some water-treading in the second.That can’t happen against an offense as dynamic as the Saints’.Washington will undoubtedly need to turn in an A-level performance to win in New Orleans, but my confidence in the Redskins’ ability to do that has increased.This is an uphill battle, but one Washington just might be poised to win.Join Hogs Haven FanPulse! We are considered the voice of the fan here at Hogs Haven and we talk daily about who the Redskins are and how the Redskins are doing. From last week’s game to this week’s game to that awful call from the referees Washington Redskins Hoodie , Washington fans congregate here and consensus is...mostly...formed. We’re starting a new polling project that will pull together the insights of the most plugged-in Redskins fans among us. If that describes you, then SIGN UP HERE to join me and other knowledgeable fans (including some other Hogs Haven contributors) on our new project called SB Nation FanPulse.If you sign up, you’ll be among a hand-selected group from Hogs Haven who answers quick polls each week developed by SB Nation. We want to build the definitive poll of informed Redskins fans, and that includes you. Your votes will be anonymous--though if you join, you’re welcome to tell anyone you like. The results of each poll will be published by Hogs Haven, and may end up on also along with the results from other team sites.Ready to sign up as a Hogs Haven FanPulse participant? CLICK HERE.
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