Panthers S Eric Reid kneeled during the national anthem toda

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by douhua2233 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:48 am

Panthers S Eric Reid kneeled during the national anthem today Eric Reid took a knee during the national anthem ceremony at Bank of America stadium before the game today. No other players joined him. He was not protesting the anthem and he was not violating NFL rules. He won’t be taking a knee on the field during the game.Reid is protesting inequality and racial injustice in the United States. He is doing so in a way that he believes shows respect for the military. He is doing so nonvioleImagently. He is not protesting in a way or at a time that affects his responsibilities to the Carolina Panthers. Reid’s own words from last year are incredibly clear on this:This is a place where you can talk about his protest. Please , do so. Please also keep in mind his own words and not words anybody else has put in his mouth. Read his op-ed in the New York Times linked above. Read his twitter feed. We will update this story after the game to reflect any new statements Reid makes on the subject. And please, most of all, try to be as respectful here as Reid is trying to be with his actions.Update: Eric Reid spoke to the media after the game about his decision to continue his protests this season. Head coach Ron Rivera was also asked about Reid’s choice and Rivera declined to say anything more than that he was not there “to discuss a guy exercising his first amendment right.” I bucket my advice using tiers. There is the ‘Must Start’ which either (1) an elite player you drafted early that you play every week or (2) a player with a match-up to juicy to pass by. In some cases you may have an even better option to play so in that case adjust appropriately.The second tier is players you drafted high but may not have great match-ups and you got nothing better on the bench or via waiver. I then list the players you should not start that you might consider at some point this season. I’ll then cap it with any potential sleepers in this match-up.So let’s get to it.Must StartWR Odell Beckham, QB Cam Newton, RB Saquon Barkley, RB Christian McCaffreyThese should be pretty safe starts all around. I would love to say Barkley will disappoint against the Panthers run defense but his ability to hit a crease and take it a distance is something we’ve seen other running backs do already this season. Start if you have toQB Eli Manning Jarius Wright Jersey , Panthers defense, K Graham GanoIf the Panthers can contain Barkley then they have a chance to create turnovers and keep the score down. Do not startRB C.J. Anderson, WR Devin Funchess, TE Ian Thomas, WR Curtis Samuel, WR Torrey Smith Authentic Da'Norris Searcy Jersey , WR Jarius WrightFunchess draws Janoris Jenkins who kept Saints WR Michael Thomas in check. I like Samuel’s potential but I have to see at least one game where he gets more than five targets before I spend a roster spot on him. In general Panthers wide receivers are too inconsistent to start in fantasy on a regular basis. Instead you should look for a good match-up.Sleeper picksWR Sterling Sheppard, WR DJ Moore, TE Rhett EllisonThe slot receiver will play a key role in both offenses, hence the Sheppard and Moore recommendations. This is provided those snaps don’t go to recently returned Curtis Samuel.Bonus helpHead to head match-up analysisSo in one of the my leagues I have both Matt Ryan and Cam Newton. I’m a little torn between who to start given how hot Ryan has been, which is the direction I am leaning. I also understand how well Newton plays at home. So I turned to a match-up analyzer. Here’s what it says.That is a solid lean to Newton you would say in layman's terms. In statistical terms it is ‘significant’. I’m putting Newton in and we will see next week is the collective experts know anything.Keep Pounding!
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