Multi-chamber Continuous Vacuum Furnace

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Multi-chamber Continuous Vacuum Furnace

At present, most of the vacuum furnaces used in various industries in our country are single chamber or double chamber, which has obvious shortcomings, such as high cost, high energy consumption, low efficiency and so on. In order to overcome the above shortcomings and meet the needs of modern industry, our company independently developed a new type of multi-chamber continuous vacuum furnace. The equipment has excellent performance, ideal operation and simple operation.

A general survey of multi-chamber continuous vacuum furnace is composed of feeding chamber, preheating chamber, high temperature studio, cooling chamber, discharging chamber, intermediate gate valve, vacuum system, workpiece transfer system, water cooling system and electronic control system. Unique building block design allows users to easily build different production lines, such as five rooms, eight rooms and so on.

The new type of vacuum furnace is the further application and extension of induction melting technology. The vacuum furnace body adopts square box structure, which is practical and beautiful, and can effectively reduce the butt transfer between the charging car outside the furnace and the roller axle inside the furnace.

Vacuum system of vacuum furnace adopts digital display compound vacuum gauge, high vacuum is measured by ionization gauge and low vacuum is measured by resistance gauge. The heating system composed of preheating room and high temperature studio has the advantages of good heat preservation effect and energy saving. In addition, the vacuum furnace also has a new type of pneumatic gate valve, workpiece truck transfer system and automatic control system, temperature control intelligent and flexible. In short, the excellent performance of vacuum furnace has been recognized by the industry.

Multi-chamber continuous vacuum furnace has the same powerful ability as induction melting technology. It can realize large-scale pipeline production in vacuum brazing, vacuum sintering and vacuum heat treatment of metal materials.

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