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Toate discuţiile referitoare la următorul patch al echipei intră aici.

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On the surface Jim McMahon Jersey , they’re relatively indistinguishable. One was the defensive player of the year in 2016, the other won the award in 2017.

Both arrived via round one of the 2014 draft. Both are entering the fifth year of their rookie contracts.

Neither has gotten the long-term deal he deserves.

But there’s a difference between Raiders defensive end Khalil Mack and Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, when it comes to a potential training-camp holdout.

Last year, Mack showed up. Donald didn’t. And Donald’s holdout kept him from getting a fourth year of credit toward free agency. Which means that, if he does it again (specifically, if he holds out and doesn’t show up at least 30 days before the start of the regular season) , he’ll still be stuck on three accrued seasons — and he wouldn’t be eligible for unrestricted free agency next year.

That means he wouldn’t necessarily receive the franchise tag in 2019. While the Rams could still use it if they want, the Rams could instead tender him at the highest restricted free agency level, which would give the Rams the right to match an offer sheet from another team and first-round compensation if they don’t.

Donald may welcome that, since someone would surely make a run at him if the compensation is only a first-round pick. And if in the end the Rams realize that the safest course would be application of the exclusive franchise tag despite Donald having only three accrued years (even with the non-exclusive franchise tag, another team may happily surrender two first-round picks), Donald would be in the same place he would have been even if he shows up.

The only downside for Donald comes from a possible injury that would impair his market value and potentially prompt the Rams to roll the dice with the RFA tender Mike Singletary Jersey , securing his rights for 2019 by putting millions less on the table. That dynamic would/could (should) make Donald more likely to carry a holdout deep into the regular season, in order to ensure that, come 2019, he’ll be getting the exclusive franchise tender.

By rule, he can show up as late as the Tuesday after Week 10 and get credit for the contract year. While few players ever do that, the sheer volume of disgruntled players in 2018 raises the odds that one of them will.

The Packers have seen big changes to their front office and coaching staff since the end of the season with new General Manager Brian Gutekunst joining new offensive and defensive coordinators as the team tries to bounce back from their first losing season since 2008.

There have also been changes to the roster , including the departure of wide receiver Jordy Nelson and acquisitions of free agents like Jimmy Graham and Muhammad Wilkerson. Head coach Mike McCarthy remains in place, but said at last week’s league meetings that the changes have gone beyond the new hires in those positions. McCarthy said the team has taken a “scrub-brush approach to the whole system” that includes changes to their well-worn offensive playbook.

“This offseason resembles a Year One offseason,鈥?McCarthy said, via 鈥淥bviously the defense is going through that because they鈥檙e building a brand-new playbook, new coaching staff, new philosophy. There is some carryover from our old defense. But offensively Preston Smith Jersey , when you have the same offensive system for 12 years, you鈥檙e playing late into the playoffs, you usually turn the page and evaluate and just try to evolve off what you did last year. We鈥檝e taken a totally different approach. We鈥檝e gone back to Page 1 in the playbook.”

One thing that won’t change about the offense is that it will lean heavily on quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whose broken collarbone contributed enough to the team’s slide in 2017 and whose health will be vital to the chances of the new approach finding better success.

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