The Cleveland Browns were on the short end of one of the str

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replay reviews in recent NFL history.After running back Carlos Hyde appeared to achieve what would like have been a game-clinching first down with 1:32 left on the clock Jarvis Landry Jersey , the on-field call was reversed by the replay official, who called for a review of the play.The call was overturned, Browns National howled in disbelief - as did many non-Browns fans - and the Browns would eventually go on to lose the game in overtime.On Monday Authentic Nick Chubb Jersey , the NFL came up with an explanation for why it overturned a play that did not seem to have enough evidence to change the on-field call of a first down. According to an article by ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, an NFL spokesman said the replay official “pieced together” two angles of the play to come to the conclusion that Hyde was short of the first-down marker:Seems like the replay official did a lot of extra work to try and find a reason to overturn the call.Browns head coach Hue Jackson took the right approach about the questionable decision during his Monday press conference, according to replay was far from conclusive and it was surprising to just about everyone when the call was overturned. But that doesn’t mean the Browns defense has to turn around and let the Raiders drive down the field for a touchdown and two-point conversion to tie the game. Even so Darren Fells Jersey , this is one of those games that is going to sting for a while. Browns coach Hue Jackson hired Todd Haley as the team’s offensive coordinator this offseason and gave him control of the team’s playcalling after handling it himself the last two years.That made it notable that Jackson said he feels a need to be more involved in the offense after Sunday’s overtime loss to the Buccaneers. On Monday, Jackson revisited those comments and explained that he is not planning to take back control of the playbook from Haley.“I never said I would take over the playcalling,” Jackson said Authentic Briean Boddy-Calhoun Jersey , via Mary Kay Cabot of “I said I needed to help. I have to be careful not to get too frustrated too.”Jackson said that Haley is “very open” to his plan to infuse himself into the offensive staff’s work, which is something Haley would have to say if he’s going to avoid losing his job or creating a contentious work environment with the guy above him in the team’s hierarchy. We’ll see how the new arrangement is working when the Browns travel to Pittsburgh in Week Eight.
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