VSC-50S/2 series double-workbench vertical machining center

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by Sebahtstian » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:40 am

Product description

The whole 5 axis cnc machining centers adopts the sliding block moving structure, and designs two working table double Y axis structure. The whole 5 axis horizontal machining centers has sufficient strength, rigidity and stability, and the maintenance process is good.

The dynamic performance of the 5 axis vertical machining center is good, the accuracy of motion control is accurate, the processing precision is stable and the performance is good. Milling, drilling, reaming, boring clamps, reaming and tapping process etc. can be completed in one time clamping. Its use, operation, maintenance is convenient, especially suitable for parts batch processing. It is the preferred equipment of vehicle and motorcycle parts, military, valve, textile, printing and packaging, mold and other 5 axis machining center industry and vocational education and training

The machine's biggest characteristic lies in continuous production without stopping. That is, when a working table is processed, the other working platform is in the process of charging and discharging. Thus ensure that the loading and unloading time and processing time are overlapped. To make the processing do not need to wait. So it improve the utilization rate of 5 axis cnc machining center


A. Continuous production without stopping

B. High rigidity, long precision retention

C. High accuracy, high dynamic response characteristics

D. Good thermal stability

E. High efficiency

F. Superior quality

G. High power and torque
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